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Kynan painting.jpg
Painting by Kynan Sutherland, Sensei
(offered as Dana to Susan Murphy, Roshi)


help support our community and teachers generosity of time

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Dana sustains our practice, our tradition, our community, and in a very practical financial sense, our teachers. It is the practice of generosity and the full and free expression of gratitude for this life.


Roshi Susan Murphy and Sensei Kynan Sutherland give their life to teaching the Dharma, and their time generously to supporting us as we walk the ancient way of the Buddha.  We, who receive the Dharma teaching from them, are warmly invited and encouraged to participate fully in the endless flow of giving and receiving, by offering freely and according to our means, the money which supports them as our teachers.

Dana is a beautiful word, it means generosity, generosity of mind. But how is it that, sitting in a meditation hall, we can practice generosity of mind?


What are we giving?

Roshi Joan Halifax

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