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Dharma Sharing: Cloud Mountain, 2020

exploring zen's relationships with all beings

deeper in

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a podcast about our kinship with animals.

“Don’t believe something just because it has been acquired or seemingly validated by repetition, tradition, rumour, doctrine, axiom, reasoning, personal bias, reputation, or because you’ve heard it from your teacher. You yourselves know that these things will lead to harmful and negative outcomes. So abandon them.”


Gautama Buddha, from the Kalama Sutta 

What better place to start our 'deeper in' exploration than with this incredible and immensely important conversation.


Co-created by Sangha member Susan Woodard, Sentient Planet is a podcast dedicated to exploring deeply-considered responses to our shared ecological and climate emergency – with specific focus towards the countless sentient beings with whom we share this planet.


Discover within this podcast, a treasure trove of insightful sharing from leading thinkers and ecological first-responders. 

HearthMandala: by Barbara Wulff

sentient planet:

'what is sentience'
with Susan Murphy, Roshi

What is sentience? If we're to ask the question directly, perhaps a good place to seek an answer is from a zen perspective.

Please enjoy this open and generous sharing from Susan Murphy, Roshi about sentience, our kinship relationship with non-human animals – and everything else in the cosmos – and the impossibility of separating our human existence and experience from that of the Earth.

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sentient planet

'Don't Stand In Someone Else's Place'
a talk by Kynan Sutherland, Sensei


Taking up response to Uluru Statement From the Heart Kynan delves the Zen koan of 'Saving a head that's on fire'' – what is the nature of actually arriving to our deepest self?

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keynan teisho screenshot_edited.jpg
zen talks
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