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Dates & Times listed below.


Location is both online and In Person.

Events for Zen Open Circle Members.

These upcoming and current events are open to Zen Open Circle Members. For more information click the "Register" button below.

Events for Zen Open Circle Members.
Events for Zen Open Circle Members.

time & place

Dates & Times listed below.

Location is both online and In Person.


These events are only open to Zen Open Circle members.

Thank you to all those who have already taken out membership, Your support is appreciated to help us build our community and support our teachers.

To find out more about becoming a member and the benefits this offers read on.

Just some of the opportunities open to Members. (Members can visit the "members only" event page to find out more & register for events))

Beginning Anew.  7am-4pm, Sunday March 3, 2024.

Join us for our first Day of Practice in 2024 - a fresh opportunity to re-gather as a sangha and share the warmth of a companionable commitment to the Way. In Zen we are always beginning anew, always waking up together with all beings. So here’s the chance to rouse your bodhicitta (spirit of awakening) and put your Zen practice on a clear, firm footing for the year ahead.

The day is one of renewed inquiry into zazen (seated meditation), dana (self-donation), shunyata (emptiness) and the intimacy of engaging life with the mind of not-knowing. All good medicine, to help in the calming and healing of our increasingly rackety, volatile world.

We’ll begin by reviewing the practical basics of posture, breath awareness, and letting go of the self, then take up the story and study the mind of our great Zen ancestor, Bodhidharma, who travelled from India to China in the 5th-6th Century with nothing to give and nothing to withhold.

This full Day of Practice is freely offered on a dana-only basis, Your offering of financial support in return is deeply valued by the teachers.


"Taking Part in the Gathering" is an online gathering over 3 terms during the year. 

The current Theme is Without leaving the Buddha world, walk in the demon world.  

But the Theme generally becomes moulded by what arises.

Each term includes 5 fortnightly online gatherings including Zazen and Teachings, with sharing time to discuss.

At the end of each term there is a Full Day of Practice, a deep dive into the waters of zazen, Sutras, dokusan, and Teisho.


These are single day events which occur during the year at Cloud Mountain Zendo.

The day includes, morning tea,  Zazen (Zen meditation) and mindful walking, Koan inquiry, Shared lunch, Afternoon Zazen, Dharma talk, and maybe a swim in the creek before heading back.

This is a Dana only event for ZOC Members.

Various options for in person Sesshin gatherings.

Our main Zendo is Cloud Mountain but other Sesshins are available throughout theYear.

Membership fees and advantages.

All memberships allow full access to the entire ZOC Website and entry options for all events. (Non members can only join in our public events and see those on the website.)

Trial Membership, a new offering allowing full access for one year only. (at $25)

Unwaged Membership, full access. ($100)

Waged Membership, full access. ($200)

We encourage anyone who is experiencing financial hardship to contact us about a

membership scholarship.  Email to

Click here to find out how to become a member

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